We believe that submitting business services of any kind by maintaining benefits creates a smooth competitive value. That is one of the significant target criteria for Silk Road co.
Offering a permanent manufacturing directory with various items and suitable prices in accordance with your budget
Publicizing an acceptable reputation for your company through establishment of empathy and intellectual systematic cooperation with stakeholders
Consistent improvement regarding both quality and services
Respect to valuable principles and managers’ beliefs of your subsidiary companies
Consistent evaluation for the effective promotional goods to have more income in short-term objectives
Offering new ideas to commercial deserved technician continuously
Permanent consultation for preparing and making directory available any time required.
Saving over 35 % promotional expenditure and impressing the clients effectively
Having a comprehensive and unique directory with 7000 sheet catalogues of manufacturers and suppliers from countries like: German, Korea, Taiwan, China and Turkey Giving advice to investors interested in business with foreign countries and develop production line in Iran or looking for new beneficial projects.
We draw your attention to the below list concerning import and production:
Promotional and new gifts
3D and 2D security holograms
Different kinds of spare parts with your desired packaging- DVR
Computer accessories- householding on the basis of domestic standards
Medicine equipments- different kinds of LED and LCD
Normal and electrical motorcycle, tricycle and their spare parts
Electrical smart locks- pneumatic, plastic and metal equipment usable in park
Packing machinery – interior building embellishment
Sanitary construction devices including sanitary toilet, bath tub, cabinet service and so on
Normal and smart construction valves
Production line of household devices like refrigerator, freezer, laundry, cooler, oven and so on
Various machineries required for several types of production line or a complete production line and assembly. Pot and pan set and PTFE material.
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